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Idea Spotlight: AdverCity Management

Meet Andrew Stauffer: founder and CEO of AdverCity Management out of downtown Chicago. His mission? To empower musicians to create self-sustainable careers surrounding their art. By working directly with and understanding each artist’s needs, Andrew manages their live show bookings, promotional strategy, videography and graphic design, and much more. In other words, if you’re a Chicago artist who wants to make money off of your music, Andrew is the guy you want to talk to.

Andrew began working with Grow Your Idea back in September 2016, and since then we’ve experienced unbelievable growth together. Here’s a short list of progress we’ve made over the past 4 months:

  • Working with 2 artists to 5 artists
  • Booking 1 show per month to 5 shows per month
  • Thorough understanding of the company — customer relationship
  • A cohesive, directed marketing strategy
  • Development of influential relationships
  • Talking to and understanding customers at every opportunity
  • Sole founder to employing 2 part-time workers

Make no mistake — these accomplishments were anything but easy and there have been plenty of growing pains throughout. Regardless, there’s no question that Andrew’s artist management company has grown from a mere idea into an established, revenue-generating organization.

Let’s see how we did it.

Behind the Scenes w/ AdverCity Management
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When we first met Andrew, we quickly realized how energetic and ambitious he was, yet at times this passion caused him to think only in terms of his company and its solution. He rarely interacted with his fans and experienced difficulty understanding his relationship with the musicians. He worked on his idea without asking himself — who actually cares about this? And why?

He spent little time defining who his ideal customer was and no time at all trying to understand their needs. Because of this, he didn’t know how to provide value to them and reach interested fans in the most effective way. He ran his business by guessing what people wanted, and it wasn’t working.

As you can imagine, the first few conversations we had with Andrew completely turned everything upside down. We introduced Andrew to the lean startup methodology and drilled the idea of customer development into his head. We explained the importance of talking to and understanding his customers in order to confirm core hypotheses he had about his business model. After a thorough and friendly interrogation, Andrew’s eyes opened wide — he knew what he had to do in order to grow.

We met (and still meet) every 2 weeks to brainstorm his growth strategy and fine-tune his customer conversations. Andrew often comments how helpful it is to have someone to bounce thoughts off of in order to fully develop his ideas. He jokingly refers to us as AdverCity’s personal trainer — we keep him focused, fit, and growth-minded. Not one meeting comes to an end where he doesn’t feel like he can run through a brick wall. We hold open the door for him.

Chyomin, an AdverCity Management client
– – – – –

As listed before, Andrew has witnessed incredible progress recently. He has more than doubled the number of talented artists that call AdverCity their manager. These artists are playing multiple shows per month to ever-increasing crowds. Their followings on social media are growing, their music is spreading on blogs and radio stations, and their merchandise looks flawless — all thanks to AdverCity Management.

After speaking closely with hundreds of fans and musicians across the city, he’s developed effective promotional campaigns both online and offline. These customer conversations not only help Andrew and his current clients, but will benefit anyone he works with for years to come. These principles are not exclusive to the very beginning of a new business — AdverCity Management will continue to grow.

In the music industry, as with many others, relationships are critical to your success. We helped Andrew identify those individuals who could have huge impacts on the growth of his artists. Since beginning work with Grow Your Idea, Andrew has identified, reached out to, and connected with a score of influential industry leaders who have become instrumental to his success.

These are not short-term fixes we’re talking about here. Andrew is committed to growing AdverCity Management from where it is today into a multi-city, multi-million dollar organization that elevates the most talented musicians to success. With specific revenue targets and growth strategies in mind, AdverCity is well on its way to self-sustainability.

Charlie Curtis-Beard, an AdverCity Management client
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AtGrow Your Idea, we provide personalized startup coaching for each one of our clients. We take the time to understand your individual situation, your idea, your biggest goals, and your underlying strengths and weaknesses.

We’re experts at helping you talk to and understand your customers. By teaching you core customer development and lean startup principles, we can quickly define your customer’s biggest problems and turn those into product solutions. Finding, talking to, and actively listening to those who will pay you for your solution is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but through consistent trial and error we will succeed.

In the end, it’s Grow Your Idea’smission to grow one million ideas into established new businesses through talking to and understanding customers. By putting your biggest hypotheses through vigorous face-to-face testing with your customers, we take you from great idea to established business in as little time as possible.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to grow.

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