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Why You Should Start a Blog

 There’s a million and one ways to interact with your customers.

Whether it’s posting on social media, hosting events, writing personalized thank you notes, or straight up emailing them, connecting with your customers provides a great opportunity to get creative and have fun.

Above all, there’s one method that sticks out from the crowd as an extremely effective way to prove your expertise, to keep your customers engaged, and to build a reputation over time.

What’s that?

Why, writing a blog of course.

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What are you supposed to write about?

Broadly speaking, write about things that pique the interest of your readers.

Why do people follow you in the first place? It’s likely that you have a great idea for a new product in an emerging industry. Talk about that! Talk about how awesome everything that has to do with your business is!

More specifically, write about recent product developments; write about company updates; write about changes in your industry; write about the problem your product solves; write about exclusive offers and promotions; write about anything and everything that would excite your readers.

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Why even bother?

The purpose behind writing a blog is all about creating engaging content for your readers, followers, and customers to enjoy. The goal is to establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

Everybody today is looking for exciting new material. What you need to do then is excite your readers while simultaneously educating them about your product features and why they matter.

Be aware that, as you start out, this is not about seeking out short-term benefits. Instead, this is a long-term strategy to attract people to your website, to consistently post engaging content, and to distinguish yourself as the go-to resource in your chosen industry.

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Do you have to be a strong writer?

No! Don’t dwell too hard on this. It’s easy to write about things that you know a lot about, so simply write what you know and then stop.

If you’re worried about grammar, ask a close friend to spend 5 minutes of their week proofreading each blog post. In addition, any feedback they can provide in terms of impact, level of engagement, and opportunities for improvement should be warmly welcomed.

Lastly, be sure to write catchy headlines and include links to other blog posts you’ve written before. KEEP YOUR READERS ENGAGED!

– – –

Where should you push your articles?

Start with your own social media pages. Draw in those individuals who have already decided to follow you and your work. Make the content relevant to them and they’ll be happy to read it.

Next, make sure to include your blog posts in the regular newsletters out to your email list. Even if it’s just a short blurb, bring it to their attention.

When you start out, feel free to post your articles on a blogging platform such as It’s completely free and it allows you to reach a much larger audience by having others recommend it.

Lastly, get creative. If you’re having a great conversation with somebody and you’d like to direct them to further information, send them to your own blog post! Better yet, grab their email and send it to them directly.

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Putting it all together

Writing a blog is one of the most effective ways to keep your customers engaged with you, your product, and your business. It opens up a door from their world into yours, and it has the opportunity to both increase awareness and drive revenue to you.

By writing helpful, relevant articles aimed at your most loyal and excited readers, you’ll generate excitement while simultaneously establishing yourself as an industry expert. The benefits to come from writing a blog are virtually endless, and it doesn’t take much time and effort at all.

With that said, take the time to write your first blog post today.

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