Power of Right Now

The Power of Right Now

We want to introduce you to one of the most recurring recommendations we have for the first-time entrepreneur. Not only is it great new business advice, but it holds true for anything in life, personal or professional. So let’s dive in.

You have a great idea. The future of which pops into your head; you can see the final product and the final business. Your vision is clear. There is no doubt where you’re headed.

Don’t get us wrong: you need that vision. It is critical to your success. And we 100% believe that you will achieve that vision.

Unless you fail to take action.

Without taking action in this present moment, nothing ever happens. In other words, in order to achieve your goals and fulfill your vision, you need to do something — anything — right now.

You need to get started.

There’s a saying that goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” This perfectly illustrates the point. You can’t keep pushing the most important action steps for you to take until tomorrow, then the next day, then the next day, ad infinitum. Nothing will ever get done and you will never create a successful business. You can’t wait for the right time to come along — you must start right now.

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What exact activities are we referring to, you ask?

We’re glad you asked. Here are 5 activities that absolutely should be started right now if you haven’t yet:

1) Talk to Customers
2) Build a MVP
          (Repeat these two as needed. They’re of utmost importance.)
3) Build an Email List
4) Create Content (a blog, videos, etc.)
5) Brainstorm with a Like-minded Colleague

Remember: The past is irretrievable. The future is equally unobtainable. All that exists is right now — this very moment — for us to grow our ideas. Any future plans we have require us to act right now.

There’s a quote attributed to the founder of IBM, Tom Watson, that resonates with us:

“IBM is what it is today for three special reasons. The first reason is that, at the very beginning, I had a very clear picture of what the company would look like when it was finally done. You might say I had a model in my mind of what it would look like when the dream — my vision — was in place.

The second reason was that once I had that picture, I then asked myself how a company which looked like that would have to act. I then created a picture of how IBM would act when it was finally done.

The third reason IBM has been so successful was that once I had a picture of how IBM would look when the dream was in place and how such a company would have to act, I then realized that, unless we began to act that way from the very beginning, we would never get there.

In other words, I realized that for IBM to become a great company it would have to act like a great company long before it ever became one.”

To us, this is the ultimate reason to take action right now.

Understand: your idea will never be great until you acknowledge the real responsibility to act in this moment to create your business.

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So how do we start?

It’s easy. Make a to-do list. Reference our list above, and ask yourself what action steps you believe are of utmost importance for you to take to grow your idea. Write them down on paper, put that paper in a visible place, and then get to work on them immediately.

Did you hear that?


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