Brainstorm New Ideas


When you start work on a new idea, there’s so much to do.

You need to talk to your customers, build an MVP, and market your idea, for starters. All of this falls on you; you are 100% responsible for turning your great idea into a successful business. It takes intrinsic motivation and discipline in order to establish and grow your idea.

In general, the wiser and more capable you are, the better off you will be in your entrepreneurial journey. However, as wise and capable as you might be, you are not Superman. And as much as you can and should accomplish by yourself, you will not be able to do everything. You cannot create your new business in a vacuum — there will undoubtedly be confusing, complex problems to work through that you will not have any control over.

Understand: you DO NOT have to go through these challenges by yourself.

That’s right. It’s okay to rely on outside assistance, because let’s be honest, building a business without any help is virtually impossible. So, although we urge you to be as self-sufficient as possible in operating your business, we equally urge you to brainstorm ideas with at least one other like-minded individual on a consistent basis.

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Like-minded because you need to provide support in the relationship as well. You cannot simply take from your colleague(s); it must be a mutually beneficial endeavor, and you should approach it as such.

Consistent because you will go through a ton of changes over the upcoming months (and years) of your life. You need to find someone who watches you grow through each step, providing their unique viewpoint and advice all along the way. Consistency will stabilize your own thoughts and sanity throughout the difficult startup journey.

– – –

When you find a like-minded colleague to consistently brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of, something magical happens. Both of your minds combine into a greater, more insightful mind. Ideas begin to crystallize. Strategies begin to make more (or less) sense. Your business strengthens over the course of a 45 minute conversation.

Your colleague(s) can:

  • Play devil’s advocate
  • Prioritize risks
  • Brainstorm alternative ideas
  • Point you toward a helpful resource
  • And so much more

With an additional perspective on your idea and business, you start to notice hidden opportunities, foolish mistakes, and smarter moves than you otherwise would have by yourself. The benefits from simply talking through your ideas with another person are virtually endless.

– – –

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Now, make it your goal to locate someone with a similar, entrepreneurial mindset as soon as possible.

We’re a fan of building a group that meets to discuss their own businesses in turn, as we think this allows more insight and feedback than only one person. However you’re more than welcome to meet with only one other person.

When you first meet, establish the ground rules, such as: remain focused on one person/business/idea at a time, and set strict time limits so that everyone gets a chance to speak and grow.

Grab a glass of water, sit down at a sturdy table, and begin. Talk about your customers — who they are, where they are, and how you expect to reach them. Talk about your product — your MVP, your customer development efforts, etc. Talk about your marketing strategy, your plans for growth, and everything that you are currently working on. Then do the same for everyone else.

– – –

Mark our words: these conversations are critical to your success as an entrepreneur.
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