Start a New Business

So You Want to Start a New Business…

In today’s world, everyone has an idea for a new business. These people are everywhere — claiming that it’s a billion-dollar idea, that it would solve everyone’s problems, that it’s the next big thing.

One thing is for certain: there is no shortage of ideas out there in the world today. Where the real shortage lies is in individuals who are committed enough to take disciplined action on these ideas.

So what about you? Are you excited and ambitious enough to turn your dream into a reality? Do you honestly have what it takes to start a new business?

We’ve wrote about this before, and we’re revisiting it again because this topic is so utterly important. Put another way: stop reading this article if you don’t confidently answer “Yes!” to all of the questions in that article.

To summarize, you must be:

  • Strictly focused on this new idea
  • Open to (potentially painful) criticism
  • Emotionally connected to the mission

Without meeting these minimum thresholds, you will not have what it takes to launch a successful new business. We don’t mean to scare you away from your idea, but rather to provide you with a dose of reality so that you don’t waste your time and efforts if this isn’t for you.

However let’s assume that you’ve passed the test. Let’s assume that you have what it takes. Let’s assume you’re going to start a new business. Scratch that —  you are going to start a new business… so what are you supposed to do?

– – –

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Take action, any action

Mark my words: you must take action right now to get the ball rolling on your new idea. Not later today, not tomorrow, not next week — right now.

The worst step you could take when starting out is not taking any step at all — essentially giving yourself the kiss of death at the very beginning.

Notice how we said “any” action. Seriously, do anything. Start a blog, make a video, write a Facebook post, reach out to a potential customer — anything! Doing anything is infinitely times better than doing nothing.

– – –

Read books

Confused about a specific topic? Read up on it. You can buy a used book off of Amazon for less than $10 and educate yourself on nearly any topic of interest.

Looking for more insight into the startup process? First, read our blog. Sign up for our mailing list to receive the Starter Kit, a manual on how to grow your idea right now. In addition, we also recommend the books: Running Lean, 4 Steps to the Epiphany, The $100 Startup, and Growth Hacker Marketing.

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Find someone who’s been there, done that

Often, reading requires more time than you have, so instead reach out to someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to do. Invite this person out for a cup of coffee or lunch and pick their brain.

Ask questions about the very early stages, how they overcame challenges, potentially helpful resources (or connections), and anything else that comes to mind. These individuals can provide so much unexpected value if you take the time to look for them.

– – –

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Connect with other like-minded people

Great ideas are not built in a vacuum; they rely on a team of thinkers, creators, and doers in order to come to life. Ask yourself: who will be able to help you get this idea off the ground?

Contact them immediately. Brainstorm ideas with them. Talk about your vision, and your plans to get there. Ask for their genuine feedback, and make them feel comfortable to tell you that your idea sucks (if they really feel that way). Your colleagues can play devil’s advocate, lead you towards a helpful resource, and provide a shoulder to lean on in tough times.

– – –

Start with what you know, who you know, & what you have

When you first begin your entrepreneurial journey, the best place to start is with what you already have access to. So ask yourself: what do I have access to now that can get the ball rolling on this idea? You don’t have to go from idea to established business in one month, so take a deep breath and relax, and start where you can.

This concept is called Effectual Entrepreneurship and if you’d like to look into this topic further, read this article. You may also enjoying watching this lesson from our online video course, the Idea Action Pack.

– – –

In the end, if you want to start a new business, it’s time to get serious. You must take disciplined action, starting right now. No questions asked.

Focus on doing something — anything — to get the ball rolling, and then figure out the rest from there. Pick up a book and learn from the experiences of others. Ask for feedback from or brainstorm ideas with a like-minded colleague. Lastly, focus on what you can do right now with your current resources. As long as you are ambitious, passionate, and committed enough, nothing will be able to stop you from turning your idea into reality.

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