Think Your Way to Success

Think Your Way to Success

“There are two kinds of people: those who think they can, and those who think they can’t, and they’re both right.”

It’s extremely difficult to start a new business — we know. Things rarely go according to plan, and seemingly nothing is easy. There undoubtedly have been, and will be, many low points in getting your idea up off the ground.

Let’s be clear: there’s so much to do right. You have to build the right product, talk to the right people, reach your customers in the right way, and sell at the right price, for starters. Understand that even the best of the best struggle with these early challenges.

Trust us: you’ll feel like giving up and there will be a million reasons why you should. But the point is that you decided to start your own business — to create your own destiny — no matter what obstacles stood in your way.

In order to overcome these difficulties, you must unconditionally believe in yourself and your ability to make this happen. When you truly believe that you will be successful, the world will respond to you — more opportunities will present themselves, better ideas will flourish, and your business will grow — we can guarantee it.

Let us show you how.

As individuals, every thought we have and every action we take is the result of a specific urge or direct motivation. These include, but are not limited to, a desire for financial gain, self-expression, self-preservation, love or sex, to name a few. These urges drive us to think and act the way we do, whether we consciously realize it or not.

In business, the situation is similar. We take certain actions because we’re driven to create a product people will love, to reach the right customers, to make money, and ultimately to build a successful business.

When we repeat actions over and over, they become habits. People say that 21 days is the amount of time needed to establish a habit. If we can force ourselves to exercise, eat healthy, or stop drinking coffee for 21 days straight, it will catch on.

So why not set up the way we think about our new business the same way?

Why not repeat self-actualizing thoughts for 21 days straight and witness the effect it has on the growth of your business?

What’s the worst that could happen?

For example, let’s say you’re opening up your own coffee shop, and that you repeated “I run an exciting and successful coffee shop” twice a day for 21 days straight?

Well, to say the least, on Day 22 you’ll be walking around your shop with some gusto. You’ve conditioned your mind for it!

Repeating thoughts in our conscious mind programs our subconscious mind how to think. That’s really what this is about: the subconscious. Through thought repetition, we shift its meaning from conscious to subconscious. When that happens, we begin to unconsciously act in line with that thought.

You’ll start taking action where you once would have stood still. You’ll start talking to more people who could bring your business to the next level. You’ll act in accordance in with your goals because you’ll have trained your mind for it. In other words, by preparing your mind to capture each and every opportunity that might come your way, you’ll feel more “lucky”.

Call it magic. Call it preparation.

Call it whatever the hell you want, but it works.

Here’s what you can do right now to take advantage of the power of your mind:

1) Write Down Your Goals.

Grab a piece of pen and paper and write down a list of goals for your business. List specific milestones you want to reach, specific mantras you embody, and anything that gets you fired up. We recommend that you focus on a few large, encompassing goals rather than a long list of bullet point goals.

2) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Understand: the exact phrasing of your goals is not the important part, but rather your commitment to repeating them regularly. Read them aloud at least once per day (ideally in front of a mirror), and then read them two to three more times to yourself throughout the day. Rinse, wash, and repeat for 21 days straight to start.

3) Believe That You Will Succeed.

You must believe, truly believe, with unwavering certainty that your business will succeed. Don’t worry about this one too much. If you do the first two right, this one will inevitably follow suit.

Now, having repeated your goals multiple times a day, you’ll have conditioned your mind to anticipate and seize opportunities as they arise in your everyday life. This can lead to unbelievable breakthroughs in your personal and professional growth as long as you become and stay serious about it. From then on, the world is yours — think your way to success.

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