Brainstorm with Others

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  • There’s only so much you can accomplish on your own
  • Although I urge you to be as self-sufficient as possible in operating your business, I equally urge you to brainstorm ideas with at least one other like-minded individual on a consistent basis.
  • 1+1 = 3
    • Everyone’s minds combine into a larger, more insightful mind
    • Your ideas begin to crystallize
    • Your colleague(s) can
      • Poke holes in your strategy/play devil’s advocate
      • Prioritize risks
      • Brainstorm alternative ideas
      • Point you toward a helpful resource
    • Find someone with an entrepreneurial mindset ASAP
      • When you meet:
        • Talk about your customers, your product, your marketing strategy, your plans for growth, etc.
        • Then do the same for him/her
      • These conversations will be crucial to your success in effectively managing and growing your venture from idea to established business

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