Build an Email List

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  • “A list is the easiest and most effective marketing tool, period.” – Ryan Holiday, Growth Hacker Marketing
    • You need to establish a direct connection in between you and the people who are most interested in you
      • (This need will never go away)
  • An email list has many uses…
    • Keep people updated on news
    • Give them exclusive info and promotions
    • Check in from time to time
    • Ask them for favors
  • There are MANY benefits
    • Stronger connection to your closest customers
      • Establishes better feedback loop
    • Drives revenue
    • Creates and increases awareness
    • Boosts repeat business
    • Endless list of benefits
  • Constantly focus on adding new subscribers to your email list!
    • You should never stop doing this
  • Brainstorm ways to increase new subscribers
    • Offer them something in return (for free)
      • Like a small e-book of helpful tips/tricks
    • Ask people!
      • Everywhere: events, your email signature, etc.
    • Give them a reason to join
      • Ongoing education/entertainment
      • VIP treatment
      • Insider news
      • Updates & discounts

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