Building an MVP

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How do you build your MVP?

  • Build a very simplified version your product –
    • Make it without all of the bells and whistles
    • Build what you think at its core is most valuable
  • Don’t force yourself to make it look nice
    • Instead, focus on functionality
    • We can make it look pretty at a later time, but for now, we just need it to WORK
  • Put your MVP in front of your customers
    • Show it to them and watch how they interact with it
    • Listen to their feedback
      • What features do you like the most?
      • Does it solve your problems?
      • Could it be improved?
      • What’s missing?
      • If they could wave a magic wand, what would they change?
      • Consult the Master Question List
    • You want them to immediately see the vision, and help you get there
      • This is the sign of an early adopter
    • After talking with 10 customers – create a second version of your MVP.
      • Then, talk to 10 more – create a third version of your MVP. Then, 10 more, ….
      • Continue continue continue until you have the perfect product
      • (Watching how your users interact with your product is a business activity that will never go away – get used to it!)

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