Create a Growth Hacking Machine

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This video is also based on the book Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

  • You are in charge of getting people to pay attention to you
    • This needs to be done using unique, creative, cheap, and effective methods of promotion
  • New customers come from the actions of past customers
    • It’s our mission to make it easy for past customers to take action in spreading our idea to the right people
    • We should encourage sharing, however more importantly, we should create powerful incentives to do so
  • “Why should customers share this? Have you actually made it easy for them to spread your product?  Is the product even worth talking about?” – Ryan Holiday
  • Our goal = create an everlasting loop (via cheap and effective incentives) of past customers attracting future customers
    • We need the word to spread to the right people, for new people to hear about us daily
    • Ask yourself:
      • How can we make it easy to spread?
      • Obviously, the product should be worth sharing.

Again, please read the excellent book on this topic: Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

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