Growth Hacker Marketing

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This brief video is based off of the book Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday and I highly recommend you buy yourself a copy.

  • Don’t try to market your idea to the entire world; instead focus on getting it in front of the right people
    • “Search for a group of highly interested, loyal, and financial users – then we grow with and because of them” – Ryan Holiday
    • We want to reach the right people in the right outlets with the right message
      • Get this right, and you will grow.
  • Don’t just “spread the word”
    • Focus on a specific group of people and do your absolute best to get your product in front of them
  • Make sure you convert the customers you do show your product to!
    • Know what your conversion rate is and optimize it
    • Measure progress on your growth goal (next video)
    • Improve customer retention over time
    • Develop happy customers, and you will be set.
    • Your job = to create lifelong users

Again, I encourage you to read the excellent book on this topic:  Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

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Next Lesson: Setting & Achieving Growth Goals

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