How Do I Market My Idea?

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  • “The best marketing decision you can make is to have a product or business that fulfills a real and compelling need for a real and defined group of people — no matter how much tweaking and refining this takes.” — Ryan Holiday, Growth Hacker Marketing
  • The quicker you figure out the best way to reach your target customers, the stronger your business will become.
    • Most important step: “getting out of the building”
      • Ask questions.
        • Understand their needs.
        • Build a product that solves their problems.
        • Do this, and your marketing strategy just became much easier to implement
      • Ask questions like:
        • Why did you decide to use this product?
        • What’s missing?
        • What’s the best part?
      • Customer development is synonymous with planning your marketing strategy
        • After speaking with tens of customers face-to-face, it will be easy to develop a compelling & cohesive marketing strategy

“Isolating who your customers are, figuring out their needs, designing a product that will blow their minds – these are marketing decisions” – Ryan Holiday, Growth Hacker Marketing

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