Make Something People Want

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  • This is the motto of Y Combinator, which has helped companies like airbnb, reddit, and dropbox establish and grow
    • YC says: Your goal as a startup is to make something users love.
    • Sam Altman, YC Partner: “Here is the secret to success: have a great product. This is the only thing all great companies have in common.”
  • At the core of this mantra are two activities, that if done consistently and thoroughly, will lead you to a successful business model
    • These two activities are:

#1) Building an MVP

#2) Talking to your customers

  • Let me repeat myself (and I will a million times) – the two most important things you can do to start your idea and turn it into a successful business is building product and talking to your customers.
  • These are so critically important that, if Grow Your Idea had a body, we would get “Build Product. Talk to Users. Repeat.” tattooed on its forehead.
  • Make something people want, damnit!
    • Build something that solves a big problem people have – something they want and are willing to pay for.

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