The Power of Now

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  • I want to start this program off with a few overarching principles to guide you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.
    • The first is the Power of NOW
  • Your idea is fully thought out.
    • You can see the vision – but how do you get there?
  • Every new business that exists today required people to sit down and get to work
    • You can’t keep pushing the most important things for you to do to tomorrow, then the next day, next day, ad infinitum
      • (This means things like talking to customers & building product, which we’ll talk more about soon.)
    • We must act in the present to bring about our future plans
  • So how do we start working on our future vision now?
    • It’s easy: make a to-do list
    • Then get to work on these action steps immediately
    • Did you hear me? I SAID IMMEDIATELY.

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